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The Martlets Society is a non-profit organization that aims to build a community for young scholars to freely and equally build connections, share their work and exchange thoughts. Interdisciplinary exchange is one of our major focus.

The society was founded on November 16th, 2019 by Zhen Yin. At the very beginning, it was more like his personal club with friends to discuss research, ideas, and opportunities. Now, with the joint efforts of a group of young scholars sharing the same dream, the society has gathered hundreds of young people with diverse cultural, research and professional backgrounds, from universities, institutions and companies in North America, Africa, Europe, and Asia. The events we are organizing cover diverse topics in physics, biology, robotics, electronics, neuroscience, consulting, etc. We are growing fast and exploring more possibilities.

The events we are currently organizing are Martlets Talk, WBA Talk, and TMS Workshop series. TMS Talk focuses on sharing knowledge, scientific research and popularization of science. WBA Talk is about sharing the stories in the world beyond academia. TMS Workshop is to help young scholars develop their diverse skill sets.

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Transnational Law Frontiers
Engineering and Science Forum
Chinese Biopharmaceutical Association
Chinese-American Engineering & Science Association of Southern California